Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Today I was at home and finish this little envelope that is a needlecase.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Earth Angel from Lavander &Lace

The most beautiful I have ever done! (with my mother's help!).


What to do with this? Any suggestion?

Ufo's and Round Robin

Here are some of the works that are closed in the drawer from much time. The butterflies is the result of a round robin done with my cross stitch group, the others is UFOs, than sooner or later I'll have to decide to continue to stitch!

this is a pattern that my grandmother gave me 12 years ago. I'll have to finish this.... it's a tribute to her, than died before I finish it.

A Jeremiah Juction pattern.......

That's a Dimension kit.... I don't like the pattern colored in blue and red.... so it's still there.....

Rose Wreath

Hi to all, since I think that having a chart without a photo of the finished result don't inspires nobody, here is the 2 picture I took while I tested my own the chart of the Rose Wreath. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Free Chart for you

I created this 55x42 stitches pattern for free. It's an Acient rose wreath, stranded cotton are from DMC.
Click on the photo with the right mouse and "save target as..." to download and save the pattern on you pc.
Hope you like it! If you make it, please send a picture to me, I would love to publish your stitched wreath on the blog. Love, Giusypatch

Sunday, February 18, 2007

SAL - In the begins

As I said on the other blog I have begin this beautiful SAL. Here is the first square, January block, finished.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

SAL - Stitch a Long

2 weeks ago I have a meeting with my cross stitch friends... so in the middle of chat-chat-chat, I listen something strange to me.... SAL... what's sal I asked to Viv.... She said me: it's so popular on cross stitch blog at the moment, did you ever know about French cross stitcher? They works are so intimidating, but at the same moment are irresistable... You have only to join a SAL that usually begins in january and go on this way stitching until december, and share the same pattern and post your progress with other stitcher.... - My god, I'm finally into it, and I'm doing the one Maryse made on her blog. Click on the title to go to her site... but pay attention, you'll be hooked in it too!!!