Sunday, February 18, 2007

SAL - In the begins

As I said on the other blog I have begin this beautiful SAL. Here is the first square, January block, finished.


Nadine said...

Hello ! I just discovered your two blogs : just beautiful ! I'm a quilter, but I like crosstitching too.....and of course I couldn't resist to the SAL project ! So I printed the January grid, and will try to start it as soon as possible (I'm planning to use beige or soft pale blue Aïda >>>> could you tell me which measures I should take,approximately ?
Thanks a lot for your kind help !
Ooops ! By the way, I live in Belgium and I'm married to a nice Italian man (from Bari)... Hope you'll visit my blog, too !

Ciao, Giusy !

Giusypatch Quilting and other stuff said...

Hi Nadine,
for the SAL go to the Marise blog
at 05 janvier 2007 "La petite maison de campagne de janvier" where are all the indication and measures. :-)