Saturday, February 17, 2007

SAL - Stitch a Long

2 weeks ago I have a meeting with my cross stitch friends... so in the middle of chat-chat-chat, I listen something strange to me.... SAL... what's sal I asked to Viv.... She said me: it's so popular on cross stitch blog at the moment, did you ever know about French cross stitcher? They works are so intimidating, but at the same moment are irresistable... You have only to join a SAL that usually begins in january and go on this way stitching until december, and share the same pattern and post your progress with other stitcher.... - My god, I'm finally into it, and I'm doing the one Maryse made on her blog. Click on the title to go to her site... but pay attention, you'll be hooked in it too!!!

1 comment:

Alexa said...

I am Portuguese and also I make point cross, I have one blog:,were we are to make the SAL of maison of the Maryse, we start in April.
And in July we go to iniciate a SAL of Christmas.
Will you visite as?And see the portuguese maison?