Saturday, May 12, 2007


Sono Felicissima! Oggi è arrivato il pacco dello scambio del I° Maggio al quale ho partecipato sul forum della Souricette. Grandioso! Ho aspettato un pochino più delle altre perchè per via delle Poste ci ha messo tanto ad arrivare, ma l'attesa mi ha ripagata! Ringrazio moltissimo la mia "Croixpinette", adoro veramente tutte le cose che mi ha mandato!

Je suis Tres heureux ! Aujourd'hui il est arrivé le colis de l'échange de l'I° Mai à l'quel j'ai participé sur le forum des Souricette. Grandiose ! J'ai attendu un plus des autres parce que pour des Poste il nous a mises beaucoup à arriver, mais l'attente elle m'a rapayée ! Je remercie tres beaucoup de mes « Croixpinette », adore vraiment toutes les choses qu'il m'a envoyé !

I am Happiest! Today the package of the exchange has arrived to which I have participated on the forum of the Souricette. Huge! I have waited for a lot more of the others because of the Mail has taken a lot to arrive, but the wait has repaid to me! Thanks very much to my “Croixpinette”, I adore truly all the things that she has sent to me!


Aspen said...

Hi Giusy,

Sorry to not send a letter with the parcel. I write you now.
I'm very happy you have finally received my parcel and that you like it.
It was the first time I did a "biscornu". You can find the explications to do a "biscornu" in the Web Site (here, click on "Bricotruc" and after click on "Biscornu". You can see an Italian Version.).
Among the threads I sent to you, one is silk-made. All the threads are hand-dyed. I didn't know you like Caron's threads.
I love the cloth I sent to you. I'm happy you love it too.
I hope you like the "Cousines and co"'s pearls. You can discover how to stich the pearls with the embrodery "Welcome Home". I hope you will like stich "Welcome Home".
"Bon appétit" for the french cakes.

See you !


chatoune57 said...

Great! I am happy that you finally accepted packet of exchange! Good Sunday! Kiss!