Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tildas Addict

The other day my friend Gaya is coming to visit and give me the little owl you can see in the pocket of... my first Tilda doll!
While the Owl Gaya made is perfect, my Tilda is not coming out how I would like to... there are so many errors, and the face isn't fancy how it have to be. :-S
Anyway, I do my best with this one, the next will be better.


Amelia said...

ma che bella bambola, e che bel gufo, brave!

serena said...

Ma dai che è bellissima!!!

Giusypatch Quilting and other stuff said...

grazie ragazze ;-) mi solleva... xke io ci vedo solo i difetti. :-P

Dreamlake said...

Wow muy bonita :-)